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7 Replies to “ My mate John Peel (Satanic Malfunctions) - Vivisection (3) - Stop Vivisection Now! (Cassette) ”

  1. Dec 29,  · My granddaughter, since the age of 3/4, as well as my(now 11 year old) daughter has been allowed and encouraged to watch Harry Potter movies, not hired, but bought by my older children. It is 23h00 at the moment and my daughter(11), as I am typing, has more Harry Potter movies than music on her bookshelf.
  2. Jan 02,  · To find a cure, you have to start with a correct diagnosis and then move to the correct treatment. The correct diagnosis is sin. The treatment is to submit to God and obey His Word. God can enable us to achieve victory over sin (Romans ; 1 John ). If you are a Christian and you commit a sin, the devil did not make you do it.
  3. Satan knows everything about us, but we only have a limited knowledge at best, trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. Remember, Satan is the father of all liars and murderers (John ). The All Seeing Eye means that Satan is the god of this world, and he .
  4. Jesus Christ is the only human being ever born, or that ever will be born, without an earthly father (Isaiah ; Hebrews ). Dr. DeHaan attempts to use Revelation to support his doctrine that the Antichrist will literally be Satan incarnate, by pointing out that Satan will bring the image of the Beast to life. He states on page
  5. Satan is a spirit creature, so he lives in an invisible realm. For a time, Satan was allowed to move about at will where God and the faithful angels reside. Now, however, he has been evicted from God’s presence and, along with other wicked spirit creatures, is confined to the vicinity of the earth. —Revelation
  6. Jesus said that Satan is the Father of lies (John ) and his tactics from the very beginning have been to claim to be a liberator (Genesis ) as he “disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians ). Satan is all about inversion. Making Satan the Savior.
  7. But the Bible foretold that there would be a “war in heaven” that would result in Satan’s being expelled from heaven and “cast out into the earth.” (Revelation , King James Version) Both Bible chronology and world events confirm that this war in heaven has already taken place. The Devil is now confined to the vicinity of the.

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