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  1. honestly, i love blue ez. i feel i have very good dueling power and great peel. while you dont have crit, having near infinite manna, tons of cdr, a spammable slow, and good ad makes you a pain to fight. plus, ive been able to burst people down. youd be amazed at what a e/q does to someone, unless there just a straight up tank. i guess people.
  2. [] Challenger guide to Janna | Support. Janna build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Janna Strategy Builds and Tools.
  3. The last viable spell to run on Sett is Heal. Heal is a summoner spell with a second cooldown that heals you and the allied champion nearest to your cursor and gives both of you 35% increased movement speed for 1 second. Heal is only good if your ADC DOES NOT go heal. This is because heal is 50% less effective on allies that have previously been healed in the last 35 seconds.
  4. She can’t peel (except ult backwards and speed you up to help you run away). Her Q slow can’t even be applied at short range because it needs to charge. As a result of this passive and her cooldowns, her level 1 maximum play angle is to land a Q missile, detach and get an auto off for free while the enemy is CSing, and re-attach to wait for.
  5. With a virtual audience of around listening in from the outset, The Maritime Standard’s third Covid 19 – A Leadership Perspective Webinar, on 3rd June, focused on the impact the pandemic is having on digitalisation within the maritime sector and how it is transforming the way businesses operate. There was a consensus amongst the.
  6. Apr 27, - Show your love for all things Disney by displaying this vinyl decal proudly!
  7. Nov 25,  · A tank support's job is often to engage and peel for your ADC. However, Blitzcrank's Q makes it so that you don't need to be tanky to engage. Also worth noting that the extra CDR will be converted to 20 AP due to Transcendence: Wait in tribush -> let your ADC leash your jungler-> walk up behind wall when buff spawns -> Guess when enemy.

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